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Ever Thought Of Creating A Unique Hashtag For Your Elkhart Wedding?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Elkhart Weddings & HashtagsOne of the features that has exploded in social media are hashtags. We see hashtags on pictures, on articles on how we are feeling. Did you know that hashtags are something that will work for you at your wedding?

It is the day of your Elkhart Wedding and all your friends are snapping away with their cell phone photos of you, your significant other and themselves having fun at your wedding and reception. Besides the hundreds of pictures that your Elkhart wedding photographer and videographer took, how will you ever see all of those Instagram, Twitter and Facebook shared photos from your friends and family? The best idea is hashtag your wedding!

When friends and family post their fabulous pictures to social media, hashtags make them instantly searchable! You and your guests will be able to run searches on your hashtag and view all of the pictures that were tagged and associated with your hashtag. The photos will be instantly searchable that night and you can relive all of the fun and enjoyment created at your Elkhart Wedding!

Keep in mind that the hashtag needs to be unique and original to your event. Choosing a hastag like #MyElkhartWedding or #MichianaWedding will just mix your photos with all the other photos under such a universal hashtag! So make it unique, do a hashtag search for every hashtag you come up with on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure it isn’t previously used. With the pending explosion of wedding hashtags, using generic hastags like #JulieMikeWedding will be problematic.

How do you get the word out to your guests about which hashtag to use? You can promote your original hashtag on cute little cards or small signs that displayed on guest tables which makes the hashtag easy to reference as guests shoot and upload to social media. A chalkboard displayed next to the DJ or cake table, to remind guests of your hashtag. Have some business cards printed with the hashtag and insert them into your wedding invites before they are sent out. The business card is the right size for men to put into their wallets or women their purses and bring it with them to your wedding!